“Mój Prąd 4.0” – the most important facts

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“Mój Prąd 4.0” program – most important dates
“Mój Prąd 4.0” program – who can be a beneficiary?
“Mój prąd 4.0” program – subject of support
My Electricity – funding levels


The return on investment in photovoltaic panels depends on several factors. One of the most important is the amount that must be paid for the purchase of devices and installation. This value does not have to be equivalent to the amount specified in the contract with the installer. The basic financial tool that offers the opportunity to reduce costs is the Moje Prąd Program. Its fourth round will start on April 15, 2022, this time extended to include the possibility of financing devices that increase the level of self-consumption. From this article you will learn what you will be able to receive support for, who will be able to become a beneficiary and what documents must be prepared to successfully receive even more than PLN 20,000!

“Mój Prąd 4.0” program – most important dates

We already know that the latest recruitment for the Moje Prąd Program will officially start on April 15, 2022. The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has not yet announced the cut-off date by which applications will be accepted. However, it should be assumed that following the example of previous competitions, it is worth hurrying up with submitting your applications. The eligibility period of expenditure financed from the national grant is counted from February 1, 2020

“Mój Prąd 4.0” program – who can be a beneficiary?

The Moje Prąd program retains the key assumptions of subjective eligibility from previous editions, i.e.: natural persons generating energy for their own needs may apply for a subsidy,

it is necessary to have a comprehensive agreement or sales agreement with the Distribution Network Operator, the power of the PV installation ranges from 2 to 10 kWp.

A new feature in the fourth recruitment is the limited availability of the competition for people settling their accounts using net-metering, i.e. the old settlement system. The program promotes solar panel installations settled on a commercial basis. Older projects will be able to apply for a subsidy, but only if they switch from the discount system to net-billing.

“Mój prąd 4.0” program – subject of support

This is where the biggest change has occurred compared to previous editions of the Moje Prąd Program. In the recruitment available from April 15, in addition to tasks related to the purchase and delivery of network micro-installations, devices that increase the level of self-consumption will also be supported. These include primarily energy storage facilities with a capacity of at least 2 kWh and energy management systems. The grant will also be available for the purchase of: hot water tanks powered by a heat pump or electric boiler,

hot water tanks with electric heater, heat buffers powered by a heat pump or electric boiler,

heat buffers with an electric heater, heat buffers with a domestic hot water tank constituting one complete device, air/water heat pumps, i.e. heat pumps for domestic hot water. + domestic hot water tank or heat pumps for domestic hot water with integrated tank.

The competition organizer provided for the possibility of financing a single device (e.g. grid photovoltaics) and coupled investments (e.g. energy storage installations). The program documentation also enables beneficiaries of previous calls for proposals to apply for a subsidy for energy management systems and energy storage (if only they declare their readiness to migrate to net-billing).

My Electricity – funding levels

The amount of subsidy under the My Electricity Program in 2022 is closely correlated with the scope of the project. The general rule is that the more devices increasing the level of self-consumption a user installs as part of the project, the higher the amount of support he will receive. The detailed data is as follows:

Up to PLN 4,000 subsidy for the photovoltaic installation itself.

Up to PLN 5,000 subsidy for a photovoltaic installation with additional elements.

Up to PLN 5,000 subsidy for heat storage.

Up to PLN 7,500 subsidy for energy storage.

Up to PLN 3,000 subsidies for energy management systems (EMS) and home energy management systems (HEMS).

The subsidy for PV installations for people who received support under the previous recruitment (PLN 3,000) is PLN 2,000. It will also be possible to expand this amount to include possible support for the purchase of energy storage, heat storage and EMS. The maximum funding was set at PLN 20,500. It will be possible to obtain it in the case of comprehensive installation of photovoltaics with energy, heat and EMS storage.

The total budget of the project is to amount to PLN 350 million.

“Mój prąd 4.0” program – what is worth remembering?

The rules of the My Electricity Program are regulated in detail in the competition documentation. The most important boundary conditions for the new recruitment are as follows:

  • A subsidy for a PV installation does not exclude the possibility of using the thermal modernization relief.
  • To avoid double financing, the amount to be deducted from the tax base should be reduced by the amount of the subsidy.
  • The funding is exempt from VAT.
  • Support is provided for completed projects.
  • Eligibility period of funds – from February 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023.
  • The shelf life of the photovoltaic installation with additional devices is 5 years.
  • The subject of the project cannot be photovoltaics mounted on asbestos.
  • The beneficiary of the program is obliged to publish information about the grant. For this purpose, it is necessary to place a plaque with logos and the message “Pro-ecological investment supported by the My Electricity Program” in a clearly visible place.
  • Support for energy management systems will only be provided if the installation includes an energy or heat storage facility.

“Mój prąd 4.0” program – what documents should be prepared?

The application for the My Electricity Program has been simplified as much as possible. It is sent electronically on the website mojprad.gov.pl or gov.pl. To shorten the filling out process to a minimum, prepare the following information and attachments:

  • applicant’s details (identification parameters, contact details and bank account number to which the subsidy is to be transferred),
  • installation data (location, materials used),
  • a certificate from the DSO confirming the installation of a bidirectional meter along with the PPE number,
  • invoice or other proof of payment regarding the delivery and installation of photovoltaics together with associated devices,
  • GDPR statement,

if the installation is installed by oneself – declaration of self-assembly.