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ecoABM is the Energy Wholesaler of the Future, which means that we are a distributor of modern solutions in the RES industry. We are experts in the distribution of photovoltaic components, heat pumps, air conditioning, or Smarthome solutions

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At ecoABM, we care about the quality of the components we offer. All components of the renewable energy system have industry certifications and approvals: from photovoltaic modules to solar cables and double-threaded screws.

We create customized solutions for different needs. Always available and with fast shipping.

Knowledge and experience

The photovoltaic market is changing every day. And we change along with it. Our representatives participate in international trade fairs. Engineers and electricians take care of the quality of the materials offered.

Advisors undergo systematic training to even better select compatible components. When you buy from ecoABM, you invest in modern and proven solutions.

High quality products

ecoABM is not just a wholesaler. It is thousands of hours of experience and discussions with installers. We recognize the challenges faced by the RES market in Poland, so we are able to adapt our offer to changing trends and needs.

We build our potential on reputable brands, as we believe that only high quality workmanship can bring ultimate peace of mind and comfort to customers for years to come.

Our assortment

With us you will find all the components necessary to build a renewable energy system. We offer grid-connected and hybrid photovoltaic kits, energy-efficient heat pumps, as well as air conditioners, bringing solace on hot days. We maintain a large inventory to serve installers without undue delay.

Quick contact

Assistance in the selection of compatible products, technical advice, information or order processing data – you will find out everything in real time.

Call 500 795 745 or send an e-mail to b2b@ecoabm.com.

Benefits of cooperation
with ecoABM

Comprehensive offer

PV modules from the Bloomberg Tier 1 list, grid-tied and hybrid inverters, roof and ground-mounted structures, energy storage, heat pumps, air conditioners – these and many more you will get from us right away!

Knowledge and experience

The renewable energy market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. We learn from the best, and we are happy to share our knowledge with installers. We help at every stage of component selection, provide valuable technical advice, organize product training. Join us and stay up to date!


In our warehouse center there are racks filled with RES installation components. Each product is brand new, certified by independent testing institutions, ready to travel even to the other end of the country. When you order from us you get a guarantee of fast delivery, regardless of the size of the shipment.

ecoABM - the whole RES in one space

Installers appreciate the comprehensiveness of services and availability of materials. We understand this well. Our mission is to reduce procurement time as much as possible. That is why you will find all components for the installation of photovoltaic systems, heat pumps or air conditioners in stock.

We also offer an intuitive purchasing platform and a personalized account manager. The ecoABM brand is not just a wholesaler. It is first and foremost a team of people who want to share their comprehensive knowledge.

Do you have questions?

We will help you choose the perfect set and provide complete assistance for self-assembly

Logistics at the highest level

We use advanced logistics tools

In an industry as dynamic as renewable energy sources, it is not only inventory that is important, but also product availability. At ecoABM, we use advanced logistics tools that enable us to maximize the time between receipt of materials and their onward transfer to their final destination, in the quantity and quality needed. Become our business partner to buy modern, convenient and reliable.

Materials at your fingertips

Assortment that meets stringent standards for resistance to the PID effect, LID and salt spray

Modules with long warranties and inverters from reputable manufacturers. Solar structures and cables approved for use in the European Union.

An assortment that meets stringent standards for resistance to the PID effect, LID and salt fog. Every installer expects this, but not every supplier is able to provide it.

At ecoABM, we guarantee high quality at favorable prices and with short delivery times.
Use our platform or call us for details!

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