Design photovoltaics as you are comfortable with

From now on, it only takes a few minutes. Learn about the benefits of the ecoABM Configurator.

Learn about the benefits of the ecoABM configurator


save time with Google Maps drawing function


prepare a detailed quote with a single application


efficiently manage your team without leaving your home

Visualize and gain trust

Most customers don’t have spatial imagination, so it’s hard to convince them that an installation will look just right on the roof.

In a few clicks, prepare a design in a photo of their home or on a map to allay their fears and get a better idea of expectations and make changes in one meeting.

Start generating quotes

Free yourself from the office

Only you decide when and where you will work

Lead your team

Keep your finger on the pulse and monitor your people’s performance to improve the company’s operations

Save time

Running your business has never been easier and more accessible, wherever you are

See what the app looks like

Design panels from photos from the customer

You can use photos of the roof of the building sent from the Customer or take the photos yourself during a sales meeting, making the design with the offer on-site at the Customer’s place. The whole thing will take 5 minutes!

Design panels on Google Maps

If it is not possible to take a photo of the roof, also no problem. The application has integrated access to up-to-date Google maps, so you can plan the placement of PV modules with very high accuracy, having only the address of the Customer.

the financial analysis to the customer

Choose several input parameters related to, for example, whether your customer will apply for a subsidy or whether he will pay for the installation with his own funds or, for example, with a loan. Show him exactly when the investment in PV installation will pay off and why it’s a great choice. Nothing convinces an investment like concrete numbers.

the offer to the customer

Present a beautiful offer to your customer – after the project is completed, along with a financial analysis, you can generate an offer to PDF or simply print it out to show the true value of working with your company. The offer can have your logo, as well as a description of your company.

Learn about the process
of getting access to the configurator

Every customer who works with us or plans to cooperate with us can use the configurator free of charge to help them design their installations. Thoughtful offers generated in the configurator will increase the commercial results of any installer!


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