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ecoABM is Wholesale Energy of the Future – we are a distributor of modern solutions in the RES industry.

We are experts in the distribution of photovoltaic components, heat pumps, air conditioning, or Smarthome solutions.

the largest photovoltaic wholesaler

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Who are we?

The ecoABM company was established as a specialized part of the ABM brand that has been in the residential construction market since 1992. For many years we have been creating modern solutions for the Polish RES market. Our business is the distribution of the highest quality photovoltaic components at the highest level.

Why ecoabm?

The photovoltaic wholesaler ecoABM guarantees high availability of innovative components for obtaining green energy. Intellectual, technical and logistical resources are our key assets appreciated by customers. Combining them with intuitive technologies and openness to current market needs, we become a reliable partner for entities located throughout Europe.

What sets us apart?

Vast experience, wide range of products and cooperation in a trustworthy atmosphere. It is these qualities that are our strength and hallmark. Having been in the RES market for many years, knowing its beginnings and subsequent fortunes, we realize how important a secure source of supply of components is for the development of companies.

Who we help?

Installers of photovoltaics, energy storage, air conditioning or heat pumps expect high quality, support, advice and competitive prices from their equipment suppliers. The ecoABM offer combines these qualities. That's why our services are used by local companies as well as large brands, serving customers anywhere in their country.

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Careers at ecoABM

Communication, consulting, optimization - each of these processes requires the participation of competent human resources.

The ecoABM wholesaler employs experienced engineers, electricians, logisticians, warehousemen and consultants who can realize their ambitions. We assume that leaving room for individual development of innovative ideas translates into enthusiasm from daily operations. We also invest in cutting-edge knowledge, visit international industry fairs, and undertake cooperation with the academic sector. With us, there is no room for boredom and mediocrity.

Join us if you want to work in a creative, employee-friendly place.

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Millions of single-family homes, businesses, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, public entities and farms are waiting for their photovoltaic installation, energy storage and heat pump.

Three factors are needed to meet the growing demand: greater public awareness, a reliable installer and quality components. Wholesale ecoABM addresses the latter. At our center located in Bialystok, we stock entire pallets of photovoltaic modules, grid-tied and hybrid inverters, support structures, heat pumps and other components for building safe and efficient RES. Each product offered is brand new, tested and certified by independent institutions, and can be transported to any location in Europe.

The mission of ecoABM
is to befriend technology with ecology

  • We want to provide the World with clean independent energy
  • We want to be ahead of time with new technologies
  • We want to deliver value to our customers

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Experienced company

ecoABM is a company with 30 years of experience in the Residential Construction industry, including 5 years in the Renewable Energy industry. Our goal is to effectively combine the technical industry with modern e-commerce market trends. This allows our customers to have convenient shopping and customer service at the highest level.

In full readiness to deliver your components.

The words of the founder, owner and president of ecoABM

What unites all ecoABM associates is the belief in the sense of our mission, which we understand as the development of environmental awareness in the World – combined with technological advances and value giving.

We want to act Globally, feeling that we are making a real impact on the World around us. We want to develop awareness of the RES industry across geographical or political divides.

We want to break the stereotype that says that technology is the enemy of ecology, and prove that ecology can be befriended with technology. Hence our slogan – “Ecological Means Logical,” which we deeply believe in.

We want to give People real Value. Our activities have not only a business aspect, but also a relational and partnership aspect. We are honest and loyal to the People around us. We strongly focus on development and training, because we believe that by developing ourselves – we also develop those around us.

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