Jinko – Authorized Distributor

We would like to share important news from our activities. We are proud to announce that our renowned photovoltaic wholesaler has been recognized as an authorized distributor of the renowned solar panel manufacturer, Jinko Solar. This is an important achievement that underlines our commitment to providing top-class products and promoting the development of renewable energy sources.

Beneficial Cooperation as a Pillar of Success

The cooperation with Jinko Solar brings benefits to both our company and our contractors. We have long sought to establish strategic relationships with leaders in the photovoltaic industry to be able to provide our customers with excellent quality products. The authorized distributor certificate from Jinko Solar is an expression of recognition for fruitful cooperation, which is based on mutual trust and professionalism.

Premiere of the latest technologies in our offer

Not only is the certificate a source of our satisfaction, but also access to the newest and most innovative products available on the market. Thanks to our cooperation with Jinko Solar, we are pleased to offer our customers products from the N-Type series, representing the latest generation of photovoltaic panels. These panels are distinguished not only by their efficiency, but also by their extraordinary durability and innovation, making an important contribution to the development of solar energy.

Selection Criteria – Industry Experts

The decision to choose Jinko Solar as our partner was not accidental. The company enjoys an established position in the photovoltaic industry, characterized by an exceptional commitment to technological development and innovation. Its products have gained recognition all over the world, which proves the trust that Jinko Solar is building among experts and professionals related to solar energy.

Mission in the Service for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources

Our photovoltaic wholesaler has been guided by passion for renewable energy sources since the beginning of its existence. Our goal is to support our customers in making ecological decisions and co-creating a future based on sustainable energy sources. By gaining the title of an authorized distributor of Jinko Solar, we have an even greater opportunity to influence the development of solar energy in Poland and globally.

Summary – Vision of the Future

Becoming certified as an authorized Jinko Solar distributor is an extremely important step in our mission to promote renewable energy. Our cooperation with a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic panels will strengthen our position on the market and enable us to provide our customers with unique solutions. Our passion for renewable energy drives us to create a better future for our planet and future generations.