Open Day: A Journey Through the World of Renewable Energy Sources

I invite you on an extraordinary journey through the fascinating world of renewable energy sources! Today I will tell you about our open day, a unique event that allowed us to share our passion and knowledge related to the latest solutions and technologies. It was an opportunity for talks, training, and a moment of relaxation at a picnic surrounded by greenery.

Welcome to the World of Solar Energy

Our company has been associated with renewable energy sources for years, and we have great pleasure in sharing our knowledge with you. We started the open day with a warm welcome to all guests. We felt proud and enthusiastic as hosts.

Training from Manufacturers

The main point of the program was training conducted by manufacturers of leading brands in the photovoltaic industry, such as Growatt, Sunova, Rotenso and ESDEC. It was an opportunity for participants to learn more about the latest technologies and solutions.

The training was adapted to various levels of advancement, from basic information about solar panels to more advanced issues in the field of inverters and photovoltaic installations. Discussions and active exchange of experiences allowed for even better understanding of the topic.


During the picnic, we had the opportunity to enjoy the flavors of grilled food, crispy potatoes and refreshing drinks, which made the warm, sunny afternoon even more pleasant. It was also a time of rest that allowed us to enjoy more informal conversations that helped us get to know each other better.


The open day at our photovoltaic center was not only an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, but also to experience the atmosphere of community and passion related to renewable energy sources. Our company not only provides solar technologies, but also strives to build community and promote sustainable development.