Why ecoABM
is a good choice of supplier

See why you should cooperate with us?

Why you should
cooperate with us?


Our company is gradually entering more areas of Poland with its services, enjoying great reviews. Your trust is the engine for our development.


We employ a number of superbly trained people with extensive experience: engineers, electricians, logistics, warehousemen and consultants.


The company's orderly structures allow us to focus on what is most important - putting our whole heart into serving our customers


We support our clients at every stage of the project, so the need to raise additional funds is not a problem. We are well acquainted with the current sources of subsidies for photovoltaics and help to obtain them.


Our specialists know how to ask the right questions, so with us placing an order is a piece of cake. Save time, nerves and money with ecoABM.

cooperation in 3 steps

Merchant limit
at ecoABM

We want to help you make your shopping experience as easy and fast as possible. Therefore, we allow orders with delivery directly to the project site – no payment in advance! With a credit limit, we process orders in 24 hours, and you can pay whenever you find a break.

From the very first transaction, you can apply for deferred payments.

More about financing
Deferred payment in 5 min


Everything for photovoltaics
in one place!

As a wholesaler, we have in our offer all the products to complete ready-made photovoltaic installations, from photovoltaic panels to inverters. Order products online and experience the fast turnaround time and A-grade products for yourself.

Photovoltaic training courses

Build a secure future with us

See trainings
PV preparatory course for the exam before the Office of Technical Inspection
ecoLEARNING conference
Growatt assortment training

ecoABM is all about people 

Check out our operational and logistical capabilities and experience the friendly care of our representatives

Regular customers tour
the World with us at no cost

We obtain subsidies for trips and fairs for customers who participate in the Loyalty Program

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