With us, you will gain the necessary knowledge to provide professional services and get to know the world of RES as it really is.

Examples of the benefits of sales training


You will meet the best people in Poland in your field, and you will make many business contacts

Acquire new clients

You will have the opportunity to participate in individual consultations or small group workshops with industry authorities

Practical exercises

You will update your knowledge of the RES Market, its forecasts, possibilities, threats and opportunities.

Effective sales process

You will learn the cheapest and most effective methods for acquiring leads (new customers).

Effective communication

You will learn how to build your own brand on the Internet

Effective sales process

You will understand how to structure your sales process to make it effective

Examples of the benefits of installation training

You will learn how to correctly select protections and create correct connections both DC and AC

In the course of manufacturers’ lectures, you will learn about technological innovations and warranty conditions and evaluate the best solutions for you and your customers

You will learn hybrid installations, methods of selecting energy storage facilities

You will learn why Heat Pumps will be inseparable from photovoltaics, what types they are, how to select them and why you should be interested in this product

On a real roof structure, you will learn how to install the panels and find out about the most common execution mistakes that cause big consequences

Are you interested in training, but didn't find it?

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