Our Experiences at Clusters Meet Regions

International industry events are an excellent opportunity to forge new relationships, exchange experiences and inspire. One such inspiring event we had the pleasure of attending was the workshop “Clusters Meet Regions: EU – Ukraine Business Partnership,” organized by the European Cluster Cooperation Platform with the support of the European Commission. In the article we will tell you about our experience at this event, which took place in Kosice, Slovakia, on March 29-30, 2023.

Our Passion for Renewable Energy Sources

We are fascinated by renewable energy sources, especially photovoltaic technology. Our company has been in the industry for years, striving to promote sustainable energy solutions. We believe that photovoltaics is the future of energy, and industry events give us a chance to share our passion and expand our horizons.

Clusters Meet Regions: Business Partnership of Ukraine

Clusters Meet Regions is one of the most important events in Central and Eastern Europe that focuses on developing business partnerships between the European Union and Ukraine. It is a platform where clusters, companies, as well as public institutions and organizations related to renewable energy have the opportunity to network, exchange experiences and seek potential business partners.

Our Experiences at the Fair

Participating in Clusters Meet Regions in Kosice was an amazing experience for us. More than 200 representatives of clusters and companies from the EU and Ukraine, including our experts, met to discuss business partnerships and cooperation in the renewable energy sector. The workshop was full of inspiring speeches by officials from the European Commission, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Talks and Discussions

Our days at the event were filled with talks and discussions. We listened to experts in the field of renewable energy and representatives of clusters and companies who shared their insights and ideas for the future of the sector. Together we analyzed challenges and opportunities, with the goal of building lasting partnerships.

Objectives and Results

The goal of the “Clusters Meet Regions” workshop was to integrate Ukrainian clusters and companies into EU value chains. We wanted to find partners for trade and investment, improve diversification of markets and suppliers, and create resilient cross-border networks. Our goal is to promote cooperation and understanding between stakeholders in the renewable energy sector.


Our experience at Clusters Meet Regions was extremely inspiring. We met new partners, gained knowledge and, above all, were inspired to continue working for the development of photovoltaics and renewable energy. This event proved that cooperation between clusters and companies from different countries can bring many benefits and open new perspectives. We are ready to continue working together and exploring new opportunities in the field of renewable energy.