Gold Distributor of the KSTAR Brand

For our company specializing in renewable energy sources, recent events have been extremely exciting. We were invited to the opening of the Polish branch of the renowned KSTAR brand, where we became a Gold Distributor of this brand. What exactly does this mean for our customers and the solar industry? Read on to find out the details.

Our cooperation with KSTAR

KSTAR is a brand known around the world for the production of advanced photovoltaic solutions. We recently started working with them as a partner. However, now, as a gold distributor, our role becomes even more important. This is a great distinction and obligation for us, which emphasizes our leading position in the field of photovoltaics.

What does it mean for our clients

Here’s the key question: what does this mean for our customers? As a KSTAR gold distributor, we have access to an even wider range of photovoltaic products and solutions. Our customers will now have even greater diversity of choice, which will allow them to tailor the solution to their individual needs.

History and Tradition of KSTAR

KSTAR, as a company with a long history, celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. This is a time full of achievements and innovations in the field of photovoltaics. Since its establishment, the company has gained a reputation on the global market as a supplier of the highest quality photovoltaic solutions. Their passion for the development of photovoltaic technologies has made them one of the leaders in the industry.

Our Passion and Commitment

Our passion for renewable energy is deeply rooted in our DNA. Our goal is to provide solutions that contribute to environmental protection and provide access to clean energy. Cooperation with KSTAR is another step on this exciting path, which shows that our company constantly strives to improve and be a leader in the field of photovoltaics.


The opening of the Polish branch of KSTAR and our role as a gold distributor is a milestone on our journey. This is a testament to our passion, commitment and pursuit of excellence in the field of photovoltaics. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for our customers, and our partnership with KSTAR allows us to achieve this. We look forward to our future together and the new opportunities this exciting collaboration will bring.