Company Development: History and New Warehouse

Welcome to the world of solar energy and sustainability! Our photovoltaic company is going through an exciting period of growth, and we would like to share with you our story and the latest stage of our success – the construction of a new warehouse.

Our History

Let’s start from the starting point – our history. We have been operating in the construction industry for 30 years. These were years of hard work, gaining knowledge and building our reputation. Five years ago, we decided to expand our activities to include renewable energy sources. It was a natural step for us, resulting from our belief in the power of the sun and the need to take action for sustainable development.

Successes and Challenges

Our path to this point has been full of successes, but also challenges. Our participation in numerous industry fairs opened the door to new opportunities and allowed us to establish valuable contacts. As an authorized distributor of brands such as KSTAR, Growatt, Rotenso, Jinko, Heiko, Haier and Dyness, we provide our customers with only the highest quality products. These are achievements that build our reputation and position on the market.

Development and Expansion

However, our dynamic development and growing demand for photovoltaic technologies meant that we had to face a new challenge – the expansion of our warehouse. Our existing warehouse has become too small to accommodate all our products. That’s why we decided to take up this challenge.

In this process, choosing the right location was extremely important. We decided to stay in the same place where our company started its ecological journey.

Designing a new warehouse is not just a matter of expanding the space. We make sure that our building is ecological and energy-efficient. This is not just a trend, it is our future.

Construction of a New Warehouse

The process of building our new warehouse is a story full of challenges and surprises. During construction, we managed to obtain larger warehouse space than we originally expected, which translates into better customer service. Our team worked with determination to make the new warehouse a reality.

New Opportunities for Our Customers

What does this mean for our customers? First, even better service. The new warehouse will allow for even more effective and adapted service, which will shorten the waiting time for products. Secondly, expanding the range. The expansion of the warehouse gives us the opportunity to provide even more photovoltaic solutions.

Sustainable development

We care about the natural environment at every stage of our activities. Waste segregation at the construction site is just one of our environmental protection activities. Additionally, the entire building of the new warehouse will be equipped with heat pumps to reduce our impact on the climate.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to become a leader in the renewable energy industry. However, our aspirations go further. We strive to create innovative solutions that not only benefit our company, but also improve the quality of life of people and the condition of our planet.


Our history and our mission drive us to act. We are ready for future challenges and achievements. Our company is growing, but our belief in the power of the sun and ecological development remains unchanged.