Our Adventure at Reneo Expo in Budapest

Every step forward in renewable energy is a milestone in our passion to contribute to sustainable development. In recent days, we had the unique pleasure of participating in the Reneo Expo energy fair in picturesque Budapest. This event was full of emotions, new inspirations and valuable meetings. Today we would like to share our experiences with you and present the atmosphere of this unforgettable fair.

Our Passion and Purpose

Our company, with passion and commitment, has been associated with the renewable energy industry for years. Our goal is to provide innovative photovoltaic solutions to our customers. We work with industry leaders and are proud of our achievements in solar energy.

Reneo Expo: Place of Meetings and Inspiration

Reneo Expo is one of the most important industry events in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together professionals, suppliers and enthusiasts of renewable energy sources. This year’s edition took place in picturesque Budapest and attracted crowds of interested people.

Meeting New Partners

The fair was an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and enter into new partnerships. Meeting other professionals in the field of renewable energy sources motivates us and allows us to increase our knowledge. Our meetings during the fair were full of discussions about the future of solar energy and the role we play in its development. It is a great experience that will certainly result in future initiatives.

Meeting with clients

One of the most important aspects of our participation at Reneo Expo was meeting our clients. For us, it is always a unique opportunity to learn more about the needs and expectations of our business partners. Thanks to personal contact, we can even better adapt our offer to individual requirements.

New Photovoltaic Solutions

The fair was a real treasury of new photovoltaic solutions. We had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the latest technologies and products. It’s amazing how the renewable energy industry is developing dynamically, introducing more and more effective and sustainable solutions.


Participating in the Reneo Expo in Budapest was an amazing experience for us. We met new partners, met our clients and were inspired by new photovoltaic solutions. This is proof that our work matters and our passion is shared by many people around the world.