Innovative R&D Partnership with Professor Tytko: Shaping the Future through Research and Development.

We are honored to announce a new and exciting partnership that brings innovative prospects for the future.

Our company, known for its advanced activities in the field of research and development, has established cooperation with Professor Ryszard Tytko, a valued expert in his field. This partnership opens up broad horizons of exploration and gives us the opportunity to shape the future through science.

Professor Ryszard Tytko – Expert and Visionary

Professor Dr. Eng. Ryszard Tytko is an excellent specialist in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with many prestigious awards to his credit. His scientific and teaching achievements have gained recognition both at home and abroad. Professor Tytko is a respected scientist, author of many books and numerous articles on renewable energy and energy storage.

It should be added that Professor Tytko plays the honorable role of patron of the Polish Research Program, which proves his influence and authority in the field of renewable energy sources. He is also a passionate and promoter of innovation in the energy industry, actively supporting the development of environmentally friendly solutions.

His contribution to developing knowledge about renewable energy transcends academic boundaries. Professor Tytko is a source of inspiration for ministries, local government officials, students and young people. His knowledge and experience are a valuable source of information for those seeking to understand and use the potential of renewable energy sources in building a sustainable energy future.

Our Passion for Innovation and Development

Our partnership with Professor Ryszard Tytko opens new perspectives in the field of research and development. Together we will strive to discover new technologies, solutions and innovative products that will contribute to solving important social and environmental problems. Our goal is to create solutions that will contribute to sustainable development and improve the quality of life.

Our company is convinced that cooperation with Professor Tytko will enable us to shape the future through scientific research and technology development. Together we will work on projects that will not only benefit present generations, but will also leave a lasting legacy for future generations. This is our common mission and commitment.


Our cooperation with Professor Ryszard Tytko is another step in our commitment to scientific research and technology development. We are excited about the prospects this partnership holds and are ready for the challenges and opportunities the future holds. Our passion for innovation and our determination to create a better future remain intact, and our collaboration with Professor Ryszard Tytko is a testament to our determination to shape the future through scientific research and technological development.