Intersolar 2023 Trade Fair: Success of a Polish Company in the Photovoltaic Industry

W dniach od 21 do 24 lipca 2023 roku, międzynarodowe spojrzenia branży fotowoltaicznej skierowały się w jedno miejsce

Taking place at the time, the Intersolar trade fair. This event, which for years has been the main meeting point for representatives of the renewable energy sector, this time abounded in exceptional achievements of Polish companies. Among them was our company, which proudly represented our country as one of four companies from Poland at this prestigious event.

Intersolar – Mecca of the photovoltaic industry

Intersolar is one of the most important and largest trade fairs in the field of solar energy and photovoltaic technology in the world. Every year it attracts thousands of experts, manufacturers, suppliers and renewable energy enthusiasts, offering them a platform to exchange knowledge, experience and present the latest developments and technologies. It is worth noting that the event is extremely important not only for companies operating in the photovoltaic industry, but also for the global push towards a sustainable energy future.

Polish Company at the International Summit

This year’s edition of Intersolar extremely highlighted the success of Polish companies, which are gaining international recognition with their achievements and innovations. Our company had the honor of being one of four companies from Poland that had the opportunity to present their products and solutions at this prestigious event. Our presence at Intersolar was an expression of our commitment to the development of photovoltaic technologies and our pursuit of global energy transformation.

Renewable Energy Sources – The Road to a Sustainable Future

The presence of a Polish company at Intersolar is also an expression of our belief in the potential of renewable energy sources as a major pillar of the future energy system. Photovoltaics are becoming increasingly economically competitive and are an indispensable part of the fight against climate change.


Intersolar 2023 turned out to be an exceptional event for the entire photovoltaic industry, as well as for Polish companies, which enjoyed great success on the international stage. Our company, as one of four representing Poland, had the opportunity to present its innovations and technologies, contributing to the further development of renewable energy sources. Our participation at the event is a confirmation of our commitment to creating a better, more sustainable future for our country and the world.