New cooperation with the manufacturer of air conditioning and heat pumps Daikin

We are happy to announce our newest and exciting collaboration!

At the photovoltaic wholesaler, we are always proud of the opportunities we have to offer our customers, which is why we are delighted to present our newest partner – Daikin, a renowned manufacturer of air conditioning and heat pumps.

Daikin is a brand that has been a symbol of innovation, quality and efficiency in the field of air conditioning and heat pump systems for decades. Their commitment to developing environmentally friendly solutions is in line with our goal of promoting green and energy-saving technologies. That’s why we’re excited to offer our customers access to Daikin products.

Our new cooperation with Daikin allows us to expand our offer with the most modern and advanced air conditioning systems and heat pumps that perfectly complement our photovoltaic products. Thanks to this, our customers will have the opportunity to create comprehensive and sustainable energy solutions for their homes and companies.

Here are some of the benefits of our new partnership with Daikin:

  • Performance and energy savings: Daikin products are known for exceptional performance and low energy consumption, which translates into lower electricity and heating bills.
  • Comfort: Daikin systems not only provide the ideal temperature, but also excellent humidity control, which makes interiors more comfortable and friendly.
  • Ecology: Daikin cares about the environment by offering products that are friendly to the planet, which is part of our common mission to care for the natural environment.
  • Long service life: Daikin products are distinguished by their solidity and durability, which ensures our customers have an investment that will last for years.


We are confident that our new partnership with Daikin will bring many benefits to our customers, helping them achieve greater energy independence and comfort in their everyday lives.

Please contact us at +48 856 000 212 to learn more about our new offer and to benefit from experts in the field of photovoltaics and air conditioning. Together we create a future where energy is efficient, ecological and accessible to everyone.

Together with Daikin, we are ready to serve you with the best solutions on the market. Thank you for your trust and we are looking forward to joint projects!!!