New Visual Identification

Our company has recently undergone a significant change in its identification. Why? Well, the world of renewable energy sources is constantly evolving, and we, as a company with many years of experience, have decided to adapt to the dynamic trends and preferences of our customers.

Our History

The beginnings of our activities date back 30 years, when the ABM brand was established, specializing in the construction industry. However, the dynamic development of renewable energy sources prompted us to make an important decision – to open a specialized part of the brand called ecoABM, where for 5 years we have had the opportunity to provide you with clean and independent energy.

Why did we decide to change?

Our development is a constant process, and regardless of what changes we introduce, we always aim to meet your expectations and contribute to the development of the renewable energy market. Our identity evolution is a reflection of our drive to improve and strive to be a leader in photovoltaics and renewable energy.

What changed?

When we look at our recent metamorphosis, we can see that the changes go much deeper than just a slight logo modernization. The most noticeable change is the completely revamped graphic design of our key visual, which we reflected in our promotional materials and social media platforms. Our website, the heart of our communication with you, has undergone a thorough reconstruction, adapting to new standards and offering a more accessible, intuitive use. Moreover, as part of our changes, we have invested in a new sales platform that enables more convenient and effective purchases of our products. The entire process of refreshing the visual identification is an expression of our constant concern to provide you with even better services and meet your expectations.

Next steps and summary

Our next resolutions remain unchanged. Provide the world with clean, independent energy and value for our customers. Our change, related to refreshing the visual identification, is the result of our determination to constantly improve and adapt to changing trends in the field of renewable energy sources. The world of this industry is constantly moving, and we, with over 30 years of experience, are ready to meet new challenges.