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In 2021 alone, nearly 93,000 eco-friendly home and business heating devices were sold in Poland. This is 80% more than the year before. Development forecasts for this market are even more optimistic. More expensive fossil fuels make the heat pump the best alternative to traditional heat sources today. We understand this perfectly, which is why we have decided to start a strategic cooperation with the Rotenso brand, which provides modern, economical and environmentally friendly heat pumps!

What should a good heat pump be like?

Buying a heat pump is an investment for many years. It is supposed to allow the buyer to solve the problems of more expensive coal, pellets and eco-pea, and at the same time contribute to reducing the negative pressure on the environment. A good heat pump therefore provides:

  • Convenience – no need for ongoing maintenance.
  • Safety – no risk of interrupting the supply of the heating medium.
  • Multifunctionality – heat pumps can be used to heat the house, prepare domestic hot water, as well as cooling.
  • Peace of mind – the lifespan of this type of device is up to 25 years.
  • Aesthetics – heat pumps are designed in a modern design and do not generate dirt.

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Rotenso heat pumps are a good choice!

EcoABM offers three types of Rotenso heat pumps:

  • Rotenso Aquami Split.
  • Rotenso Aquami Monoblock.
  • Rotenso Aquami Multi Split.


The first solution consists of an outdoor unit (chiller) and a hydronic module. The Monoblock model has a combined refrigeration and hydronic module in a single housing. The most advanced solution is the Aquami Multi Split type, the use of which makes it possible to heat or cool a space with air, as well as to heat a room with water (using, for example, underfloor heating or radiators) and to prepare hot water.

Rotenso heat pumps support the most popular powers: from 6 to 18 kW. This makes them suitable for both older buildings and new passive houses. Potential users of the devices will be pleased to know that Rotenso pumps are characterized by:

  • Quiet operation of outdoor units (up to 35 dB).
  • A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The ability to control the heating using a wi-fi module.
  • High energy efficiency class: A++/A++.


Rotenso heat pumps fit into the guidelines of institutions organizing nationwide subsidies (including Clean Air).

For more information, please visit our platform or call +48 856 000 212.