New Office Building: Ecological Heating with Ground Source Heat Pump!

Construction of our new office building is in full swing! As Wholesale Energy of the Future, we decided to go one step further by choosing a ground source heat pump to heat our office space.

Our boreholes reach a depth of 110 meters, opening up access to the earth’s wealth of ecological energy. Interestingly, we can go down to 100 meters without the need for additional permits, allowing us the flexibility to implement the project.

In consultation with our team of experts, we set the optimal distance between wells at 8 meters. This accuracy is crucial to take full advantage of the potential of energy from the ground, making our investment not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

We have also engaged in an analysis of the area of our office building to adjust the number of wells to our specific needs. We plan to conduct about 20 wells, which will allow us to focus on heating our office space evenly and efficiently.

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