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Sales of heat pumps are growing at a geometric rate throughout the European Union. According to the European Heat Pump Association’s 2022 Report, the distribution of devices that extract energy from air, water and soil increased by as much as 34% in just 12 months to 2.18 million units. The greatest dynamics are observed in Poland, Ireland, Italy and Slovakia. The situation in the cooling market is no different. New technologies, climate change and demographic indicators are strongly affecting the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) market. To meet these trends and customer expectations, ecoABM has made a strategic decision to cooperate with the Haier and Heiko brands.

Heiko and Haier heat pumps – why should you have them in your home?

We may associate the Heiko and Haier brands primarily with the air-conditioning market, where they have been supplying reliable equipment to offices, apartments and commercial outlets for years. With the development of green heating technology, they have also added heat pumps to their portfolio. With access to some of the largest specialized research laboratories in the world, Heiko and Haier experts have developed equipment with exceptional durability and efficiency.

Key product advantages include:

  • Diversity – in Heiko’s catalog you will find monoblock heat pumps with a hydronic module and an optional built-in hot water tank, as well as pumps for heating pool water. If, in turn, you care about a split model or a pump dedicated to domestic water heating, SUPER AQUA and AQUA models are worth noting.
  • Cooperation – the heat pumps of the manufacturers in question can be combined with different types of heating (underfloor, fan coil or radiators).
  • Concern for the environment – most Heiko and Haier units are equipped with environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant.
  • Safety – thanks to the built-in intelligent sensor, even in the event of severe weather conditions and absence of the user, the heat pump starts automatically to prevent damage to the system and freezing of water in the system.
  • Subsidies – each support program (Clean Air, My Heat, My Electricity, Warm Apartment) specifies the minimum parameters that a heat pump should meet in order to receive subsidies. Heiko and Haier devices meet these strict standards.
  • Quiet operation – the compressor is the device responsible for the resulting noise. Thanks to an additional layer of insulation, the sound emitted from the pumps in question does not exceed 59 decibels, a volume equivalent to the noise in an office.
  • Efficiency – in selected models the COP is greater than 5.
  • Wide temperature range – Heiko and Haier heat pumps are reliable in virtually any conditions. Even at outdoor temperatures of – 25°C, they are capable of heating domestic hot water to 55°C.
  • Convenience and design – Wi-Fi control is available as standard on the units. In addition, the built-in control panel allows you to easily and quickly change the operating parameters.
  • Low bills – thanks to the high energy class (A+++), the devices allow economical operation of the heat pump without sudden power surges.

Heiko and Haier air conditioners – comfort and health.

More and more Poles are installing air conditioning. It is a device that is ideal for hot days, giving the body respite and adequate thermal comfort. However, this is not the only function and benefit of having an air conditioner from Heiko and Haier. Among the others we can include:

  • Convenience – we can operate the air conditioners with a remote control or a special app.
  • Versatility – Haieko and Haier devices not only cool, but also reheat the room if the need arises.
  • Health – modern models are equipped with several features that improve air quality. The built-in ionizer additionally prevents allergic reactions.
  • Design – minimalist design makes the devices fit perfectly into any type of room.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Haieko and Haier air conditioners are relatively inexpensive products, available for every pocket. In addition, thanks to their high energy class, they consume relatively little electricity.

Heiko and Haier air conditioners are an excellent choice for people who value convenience and high quality of life!

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