AgroEnergy – Why is it worth it?

What is AgroEnergy?

This is a priority program of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, aimed at increasing the production of energy from renewable sources in the agricultural sector.

Who is eligible for AgroEnergia funding?

If you own or lease a property for at least a year and its area is from 1 ha to 300 ha, this program is just for you.

What can you gain?

  • You can receive up to PLN 200,000 in subsidies for photovoltaic installations for your farm.
  • You can gain full energy independence and reduce your bills to virtually zero.
  • You can have a real impact on the natural environment.

Photovoltaic installations have dominated the renewable energy industry for years. The investment pays off in about 5 years. More and more farmers are trying to be conscious producers and create environmentally friendly farms

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