Pick up your goods on the spot,
pay later!

Benefits of cooperation on deferred payment at ecoABM

Immediate order processing - we do not wait for payment

Trade credit gives you the flexibility and freedom to pick up your goods quickly without upfront payment. This way, most of your orders will be fulfilled in 24 hours


Your customer is late with payment, are you waiting for the Inspector to collect investments? It doesn’t matter what the reason is – deferred limits will allow you to improve cashflow and scale by making more orders at our expense

Minimum of formalities

The granting of deferred payments is very quick and simple. The only conditions for receiving a limit are a business registered for more than a year and no negative credit rating

Data security

Your company and financial data are sent directly to a worldwide bank, which takes care of data security at the highest level. Factoring limits are provided by our partner BNP Paribas

How to get a payment limit

Limit up to
500 thousand PLN


Fill out the application at the end of the page


Wait up to 3 days for the bank's decision


Enjoy deferred payments

Fill out an application for a credit limit

Submit an application for a deferred payment. Your supervisor will contact you to inform you that the bank has submitted your data for verification. If the bank needs additional data – we will inform you.

Usually, based on the TIN, the Bank verifies the possibility of granting a limit in 48h. With the decision, a supervisor will return to you, who will congratulate you on the granting of the term, inform you about the amounts, deadlines, as well as the new procedure for ordering without payment.

Apply in
3 min.

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asked questions

A caregiver will contact you at 72h to provide information regarding the granting or reason for denial of a limit. He will also inform you about the size of the limit, as well as term options

Depending on your company’s financial condition, seniority in the market and the bank’s rating, you can receive up to a limit of 500 thousand zloty to start.

Yes, at any time you can apply for an increase in the limit, and the procedure for increasing the limit is identical to the procedure for granting the limit.

The most common payment terms are 7 or 14 days, but in the case of permanent cooperation we can individually change them even to 90 days

Of course, you send your data directly to the bank, so their security is guaranteed by the bank’s electronic security

for a credit limit